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In light of the astonishing array of lies emerging from Measure Z backers, particularly Seal Beach for Two Stories, and because of the need for truth, transparency, accountability and true community in our town, supporters of Save Our Seal Beach have formed an “NO ON Z” Ad Hoc Citizens’ Committee:

Seal Beach Taxpayers and Property Rights Alliance

An All Local, Grassroots Citizens Committee

Like its affiliated political committee, SOSB, this Alliance of voters comprises Seal Beach residents and property owners who are sickened by the dishonesty, selfishness, greed, and hypocrisy of those organized to CHANGE Seal Beach through manipulation of the Zoning Code that has governed building in our city for 33 years.

These Alliance activists, co-chaired by lifetime resident and retired small business owner Stan Anderson and long time Seal Beach businesswoman and City Hall whistleblower Joyce Ross-Parque, are organizing specifically to refute the lies being used by Yes on Measure Z proponents—including advocates representing the City of Seal Beach—and to mobilize neighborhood votes in order for our families and small businesses to DEFEAT Measure Z in order to protect our home values, property rights, economic vitality and the quality of life in Seal Beach.  

In this week’s Sun News, Yes on Z people falsely claimed that:

Measure Z is NO COST!  UNTRUE
There are direct fiscal losses suffered from Measure Z in NUMEROUS WAYS!

There are direct fiscal losses from Measure Z of THOUSANDS of dollars to our Los Alamitos Unified School District, which with the loss of the Old Town allowable building in “Z” will lose the “Compliance Fees” (also known as “Builder or Developer Fees”) for all new square footage.  These are paid by anyone building new habitable area at a rate of $1.65 per square foot – thousands of dollars going DIRECTLY to LAUSD for our schools’ facilities, to be banned by Measure Z!

There are direct fiscal losses from Measure Z of THOUSANDS of dollars to our City and County in the lost tax revenue that is initially assessed by Orange County Assessor for any new construction, whether remodeling, an addition or a new house.

There are direct fiscal losses from Measure Z of THOUSANDS of dollars when a property is reassessed to lower value because of new restrictions like MEASURE Z which has devalued the price of the property and diminished its use.

There are direct fiscal losses from Measure Z of driving a down real estate market even further.  According to the Southern California Association of Governments, the average municipal cost of a foreclosed home is $7,000 directly to the City.  The annual municipal cost of loss of each resident of the home is $2,000 directly to the City.

And of course,  there are tremendous direct fiscal losses from Measure Z of HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of dollars to the owner of the affected property, who will be prohibited from building what they invested in the property expecting and trusting the Code to permit them to build.

The Orange County Register and the Pacific West Realtors Association agree with the Alliance that the economic costs of enacting Measure Z are profound, and tax and fee hikes an inevitable result of Measure Z downzoning.

Here is what THEY say about Measure Z:

“This is a brazen assault on property rights and an attempted regulatory taking that will reduce the value of properties and sap the city of creative designs by attempting to lock in the current look of the downtown area, regardless of its impact on individual rights. We recommend a NO vote.”

Orange County Register

 “A downzoning regulation like Measure Z can only further suppress real estate values in today's volatile market. Our data shows needless over-regulation and rules changes like Measure Z hurt local real estate. Buyers are wary of purchasing when they cannot rely on stability of property use, value, and return on their investment. We strongly recommend a ‘NO’ Vote on Measure Z.”

Pacific West Association of Realtors
President Terry Robertson

According to Alliance co-chair Stan Anderson, the new Alliance citizens’ committee is an opportunity for residents to pull together and do some grassroots activism to mobilize the community for “NO ON Z” in ways that Save Our Seal Beach cannot do alone.

“There are 30 years of ‘deferred maintenance in self-government’ piled up here in Seal Beach, and it is way past time people got involved and organized.  SOSB leaders can’t do it all, and they shouldn’t have to.  Measure Z is bad for the City, and we should all work to make sure our neighbors understand how it will hurt them, hurt their property values, and lead to tax and fee increases we should NOT have hitting us.  When an Alliance supporter asks for your time or help—I hope you’ll give a listen to what is REALLY at stake.”

Stan Anderson

For more information and for interviews with Stan Anderson, Joyce Ross-Parque and other Alliance members opposing Measure Z, contact Tim Bueler at 310-855-3460


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