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Dear Seal Beach Resident,

Save Our Seal Beach is a General Purpose Committee duly filed under the California Fair Political Practices Commission to undertake advocacy for good government, families and private property rights.

Our Committee is a citizens' nonprofit mutual benefit corporation (click here), and we are dedicated to public transparency, accountability, and integrity by those entrusted with protection of the commonweal of our town, Seal Beach. Right now, those in public stewardship of our little City are failing the residents, small businesses and families of Seal Beach.

Our primary mission is to restore and sustain the multi-generational legacy of Seal Beach, California, as a wonderful hometown for working families and family-owned businesses. We are determined to persevere in our efforts to reform current trends characterized by corruption, cronyism, political special interests and elite exclusion and secure a return in our City to a path of open, deliberative, responsible self-government. Save Our Seal Beach will do all that is necessary in political action to ensure that Seal Beach City Hall once again comes to respect the cheerful requirements of the fine residents and families that make Seal Beach a small gem of local community.

To those who think Seal Beach is about being quaint, or about the size of its properties, or how many stories its houses have, Save Our Seal Beach says: Your perspective is harmfully narrow.  You seek to change and undermine what has built our town.. Seal Beach is about families, who have given the town its energy, its vitality, its character, and its future. Our residents and their children including the young families and the elders of our working parents; of our firefighters, police, and teachers; of our stationed military; of our small business owners, merchants, entrepreneurs and professionals these residents and their great kids have ALWAYS been what most makes Seal Beach unique and wonderful.

How they and their families can continue to thrive living here on our beautiful coast, playing sports year-round in our perfect climate, developing their passionate love of the beach, and expressing their delight in the laid-back California surf, sports and music culture and sharing all that special growth and joy with their parents and grandparents in a City run with integrity — are all part of what is truly best about Seal Beach; what is worthy of our commitment, respect and allegiance; and what Save Our Seal Beach has organized to advocate for and defend.

So to each of those few who seek to illegally change and regulate away the essential Seal Beach into a City Hall’s centrally planned insiders club, minus happy noisy kids; homes big enough to live in; volleyball, surfboards and skateboards; soccer, baseball and football; big dogs and bikes, squawking parrots, and eclectic pets; and all the rest of the best of beach living meet the families of Save Our Seal Beach!

We invite your comments. To contact Save Our Seal Beach, e-mail us at info@saveoursealbeach.com

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